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C.B.D. snc as a company was founded in 1985. It was previously a workshop in 1950s led by the father as well as grandfather of the current partners. He was able to instil the passion, perseverance and willpower into those people who someday would have inherit his work. The Company specialized in the manufacturing and supplying of tools for drill equipment and water prospecting wells, turnery, structural and mechanical workshop works. Thanks to the brisk collaboration of its own customers, it refined techniques and tests in manufacturing tools suitable for drilling the underground. In order to meet the constant and growing requests of its own customers in the last few years, it broadened its business purpose, thus including the commercialization of three blades drag bits, rock bits and down-the-hole hammers provided in different diameters and size. However, the main characteristic of its business remains the manufacturing of custom-made pieces meeting the specific requirements of the customers who address us to solve any problems stemming from the different activities of ground drilling, boring and foundation.

CBC snc di Damenti Sandro e Simone - 43045 FORNOVO TARO (PR) - Italia - Via L. Scotti, 3 - Tel. 0525 2543 - 0525 406865 - Fax 0525 2996 - P.Iva 01503100347 MAPPA